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AGM 2019/2020 Opening Message

AGM - Opening message from the Chair

Dear Members 

 As a result of Covid restrictions we cannot hold face to face AGM at this time. To meet our obligations to members, the Scottish Charity Organisation and Companies House we are therefore putting all the necessary information on this website This includes: 

  • the minutes of last year’s AGM 
  • the key pages from our certified accounts 
  • a slide show summarising the main 2019/2020 activities and achievements 

 We will also hold a virtual AGM as a Zoom meeting on 28th January at 7pm. Anyone who wishes to attend this meeting, please email Stuart Ditchburn ( and you will be sent an invitation. 

 As you can see 2019-2020 was a very busy year for the new group of Directors. We agreed how best to work together, ensured all the Initiative’s legal obligations were met, set our priorities and established work groups to move projects forward. 

We spent most time and money on: 

  • getting new tenants for the shop, buying equipment and fittings and providing a startup package 
  • securing a new tenant for the flat 
  • getting to grips with outstanding Heughan House maintenance 

 The current Directors are:  

  • Anne Williams (Chair) 
  • Stuart Ditchburn (Secretary) 
  • Dorothy Anderson (Treasurer) 
  • Rosie McClure 
  • Janet Kerr 
  • George Brockbank

 All are willing to stand again, with the exception of George Brockbank who is retiring after years of dedicated work for the village. His expertise has been invaluable. Susanna Pallinder, who has been observing recent Directors meetings, is willing to serve as a Director.   Unless we receive any objections to these arrangements, we will continue to work to support the aims of the Initiative during the forthcoming year.  


Anne Williams 

Auchencairn Initiative