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January 2021 update

Summary of January's meeting


We are still meeting online for the foreseeable future. This report is from our January meeting which was held on the 4th, letting you know about current project progress and highlights issues which have arisen in the previous month. 


Heughan House heating system 
The energy performance report for the current heating system was discussed just before Christmas. A plan was put in place to initiate a system overhaul and a further engineers report on the ground source heat pump from a specialist company. 

However, an at the end of December the system broke down completely. Electric space heaters have been supplied to the property.  Getting this repaired is now our top priority before progressing the overhaul. We will then assess options to fund a replacement system if need be. 


Shop/PO/Café/Business Unit 
A commercial dishwasher has been ordered for the café to comply with environmental health regulations and support the increase in demand for the service. This has been funded with a grant from Response Recovery and Resilience Fund. 

Drawings are being developed for the proposed extension to the decking and covered area to the front of the shop. We have grants and donations in place to fund this work from the D&G Council Area Committee and Scotland’s Towns Partnership. 


News from ACT about ebikes project 
Auchencairn Climate Transition (ACT) are in the process of funding their project for e-bikes. They have been successful so far in getting grants for storage shed/ workshop and some bikes. We have supported the project with use of some land to site their shed in the allotment area. 


Heughan House extension 

This is now at the planning permission stage, however there is a backlog at Dumfries and Galloway Council. Funding opportunities will be actively pursued. 


Given that we are now in tighter lockdown conditions we cannot hold any sort of attended event this year. There may be the possibility of an online Zoom meeting depending on how many people are interestedwe will aim to organise this for Thursday 21st January. Before then we will look at ways of getting an annual report and finance statement (to end of March 2020to all interested parties.